An interactive experience halfway between games and reality

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Mystery at the Observatory Sci-Fi Online Escape Game Poster
Mystère à l'Observatoire Jeu d'évasion en ligne Poster

Discover a new concept with a live interactive game inspired by alternate reality and escape games

Inspired by Escape Games



This is a science-fiction-themed adventure and investigation game.

Ages 13 and up

This game can be played alone or with the whole family. Adolescents and adults alike will find plenty to enjoy.


This game is designed for fans of puzzle games and is at an advanced intermediate level. A great challenge to solve.

Duration 2h - 3h

The game lasts between 2h and 3h, depending on how easily you solve the puzzles.

escape groom logo

I think the word that best sums up this adventure on every level of the game is: diversity!

Escape Groom

For fans of puzzle, investigation and escape games.

A truly immersive experience

Alternate reality

It’s an adventure that will make you forget your everyday life. It is like a big treasure hunt that takes place in the real world.

captivating story

The game’s plot is told through the use of several media. It is an immersive and playful concept very close to escape games and investigation games.


You will find puzzles on real websites, receive phone calls, consult real documents, manipulate objects, exchange messages with characters and much more.

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