Discover a new concept with a immersive adventure inspired by alternate reality and escape games

Read the synopsis of our Sci-fi escape game:

What mystery lies behind the unexpected death of Professor Nicolas Aster, Director of the 88 Constellations Observatory?

Some speak of an accident, others seem to evoke something more…sinister.

Lately, the professor was a shadow of his former self, distant and evasive. After spending many years scanning the sky through the powerful telescope of his observatory, he now spent most of his days cloistered in his office, anchored in his research.Many thought that an incredible discovery would be announced soon, but alas, Aster is no more.

Who knows, maybe he discovered something he shouldn’t have, up there, across the constellations.

Writer: Jonathan Jourdenais

Mystery at the Observatory - Sci-fi online escape game






~120 mins

Was 29.95$


We break the boundaries between fiction and real life

Discover a fun and interactive experience with a captivating story and original riddles.



This is a science-fiction-themed adventure and investigation game.

Ages 13 and up

This game can be played alone or with the whole family. Adolescents and adults alike will find plenty to enjoy.


This game is designed for fans of sci-fi escape games and is at an advanced intermediate level. A great challenge to solve.

Duration 2h - 3h

The game lasts between 2h and 3h, depending on how easily you solve the puzzles.

Some of the greats talk about the adventure

I think the word that best sums up this adventure on every level of the game is: diversity!
    I felt like I was part of the adventure, and some of the puzzles had me stumped for a while. It's this level of complexity that appeals to me.

      It’s an adventure that will make you forget your everyday life. It is like a big treasure hunt that takes place in the real world.

      The game’s plot is told through the use of several media. It is an immersive and playful concept very close to escape games and investigation games.

      You will find puzzles on real websites, receive phone calls, consult real documents, manipulate objects, exchange messages with characters and much more.

      You will be invited to interact with several elements that will allow you to discover pieces of history. It will allow you to live a fiction as if you were there!

      It’s a solo game! You will be alone to receive the communications, but it is possible to live the experience with someone. The adventure is an interesting activity to live with children. However, you will have to supervise the progress of the game, because the puzzles are difficult.

      You can play at your own pace and according to your availability. On average, it is necessary to spend 2 hours to complete the adventure.

      This adventure will satisfy you if you like technology, reading and Internet research. You’ll have to navigate websites, use Google to solve puzzles, write e-mails and much more.

      This game is considered difficult and is aimed at fans of puzzle games who like to rack their brains. But don’t worry, there will be clues and answers in store for you.

      We recommend tablets and desktop computers for browsing the various sites. We don’t recommend cell phones for browsing the sites. But cell phones are necessary to play and receive communications from our characters.

      Yes, if you encounter technical problems that prevent you from playing. We will refund the full purchase price.

      Embark on an exhilarating journey into the unknown with our sci-fi escape game. Immerse yourself in a world filled with mystery, intrigue and technological marvels. Solve complex puzzles, uncover hidden clues and outwit traps in a race against time. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a novice explorer, get ready for an unforgettable adventure that will test your wits and push the limits of your imagination. Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the cosmos?

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