About us


Alternate reality stories and experiences

We create experiences that break the boundaries between game and reality in order to promote happiness, awareness and fun. 

ARS Experience is a company that brings together several collaborators specialized in the field of entertainment and transmedia storytelling techniques.

Our wish is to break the routine of our customers by making their life a playground. We want to create emotions through unique playful and immersive experiences. 

What makes us different?

Our concept is “Out of the box“. We go beyond the traditional media.

It’s really…

More than just a browser game
More than just a mail game
More than just a videoconference game

We are 100% interactive by creating more immersive situations.

We use communication techniques to get into our clients’ lives.

We tell our stories using…

  • Phone calls

  • E-mail exchanges and text messages

  • Documents, photos, paper

  • Objects, material, parcels

  • Sites, blogs, PDF documents

  • And much more…

We use all the media at our disposal to achieve our goals.

What motivates us?

Here is what Benoit Mongrain the founder thinks about it…

Offering the chance to experience new things, taking people out of their comfort zone, spicing up the lives of our players and telling stories that can make people think and raise awareness is what comes to mind when I talk about ARS Experience.

Our team is passionate about bringing this vision to life in our immersive game scenarios. We want to positively change people’s lives for a short time.

ARS Experience is an idea, a dream, a passion that is realized every day. It is a company born with the objective of transmitting and creating fun experiences, unique in their kind. The word “experience”, the fact of experiencing or feeling something, is a definition at the heart of our vision.

I like to think that our games can help people evolve, raise awareness and create new ambitions through the knowledge conveyed in our stories. Creating an original dynamic around people’s lives is really a great reason to keep getting up in the morning!It’s a real pleasure to introduce you to our concept. I hope you’ll discover something new that will pique your curiosity.Are you ready to unleash your inner adventurer?

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